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4 flooring hardwood trends for 2020

Hardwood floors are always a beautiful, tasteful choice for any space. Trendy yet timeless in its way, and regardless of what species or color you choose, it's an installation that will last a lifetime. Add value to your home with the following trends for 2020, adding a gorgeous look that will stun your guests instantly.

1. Distressed wood

Over the past few years, the distressed look has become more and more popular – it’s not just for jeans anymore! The term distressed hardwood flooring encompasses a wide range of techniques, some of which are truly unique. So, to get a good idea of what style this is, you’ll need to stop by our showroom to view them all. From a beachy vibe to a vintage taste, it’s a hardwood flooring style that’s very eye-catching.

2. Earth tones

Searching for a romantic, timeless look? Then check out earth-toned planks, a very trendy color for 2020, due to its grace, elegance, and simplicity. To get this particular appearance, natural earth tone wood grains get whitewashed, resulting in a one-of-a-kind twist on neutral tones.

3. Wider planks

Another big 2020 trend is not color related, but rather a change in the usual plank size. There are a lot more choices in terms of plank widths now, where you can even get slats up to 12-inches wide. Hardwood floors that have a greater wide size end up making the room feel bigger, and thus spacious and roomy. Also, with wider planks, you can see greater detail of the graining in the wood, opening up a whole new way to appreciate your floors.

4. Eco-conscious

There’s been a major shift in eco-consciousness lately, which has placed greater demands on many industries – including flooring installation. As such, manufacturers have shifted completely to meet with demands. Now, companies carry many more environmentally friendly soft and hard surfacing choices, and one of these such choices is hardwood floors with natural sealants.  

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