Wood floors really stand on their own in the “gorgeous category.” They add style, elegance, and can work with any environment, from the most traditional, to urban contemporary, to urban loft-style.
Would you believe, though, that you can still make the room even more breathtaking? Here are some guidelines that will make your room look smashing:
●Coordinate, don’t match. You most likely also have other woods in your room, but they really don’t have to match. They can even be different colors and still work well as long as the undertones match. For example, if you have hardwood floors that have a reddish (warm) tone, you can still use a table, even if it’s darker than the floor, as long as that also has a warm tone.
On the other hand, if your wood floor is gray, with a slate blue undertone (cool), and you combine it with another wood that’s warm, it will be jarring.
How can you tell if it’s warm or cool? Just look at their undertones (secondary colors) match. This also might be a good time to invest in an inexpensive color wheel.
●Calm the crazy with white. The color white conveys safety, and white wood is wildly popular right now. If you think you’ll end up with a lot of different grains and tones, install white hardwood flooring and, if necessary, add some other touches with white paint or furnishings to make it a little more serene.
●Take advantage of the undertones. Mahogany might have red undertones, or an oak floor might have yellow or caramel. Gray can have a little slate blue shade to it. Bring them out with coordinating walls, upholstery, accessories, or even a spectacular sky, water or flora/fauna view.
●Cushion the blow! If you, say, place a wood table right on a wood floor, you will only draw attention to their contrasts. Place a colorful rug (hopefully, one that brings out those undertones) between them.
●Watch the grains. Large grains are often more casual in feel, while the smaller grains are a little more formal. They don’t all have to be similar, but if you find you have more of one type of grain than the other; try to keep the atmosphere of the room.
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