Reclaimed wood ready for your Orlando, FL floors

Are there hardwood flooring options with reclaimed wood?

The simple answer is yes. Reclaimed wood flooring is an excellent option for your home. It is a way of giving new life to old wood rather than taking those pieces to the landfill, and it is a way of creating a very classic look within your home. So, whether you are fixing up an old house and wanting as authentic a feel as possible or you are trying to create a very distinct look within your home, reclaiming wood is a great choice.

Reclaimed hardwood flooring sources

Reclaimed hardwood flooring is made by milling and planing flooring that was used in other forms or by sanding and refinishing wood floors from a building that is slated to be demolished. One prevalent source of wood is from barns that are blown down or torn down. The floors, the siding, and the rafters can often be reworked to make a hardwood floor that is both rustic and beautiful for your home.

Benefits of reclaimed wood floors

Given that these materials are older, they tend toward being harder than their more modern counterparts. Also, as wood ages, its grain becomes more pronounced, and its depth of color becomes more profound and bolder. Such floors are always a conversation piece and will add value to your home. There is also a particular nostalgic value to knowing many others have walked on your floors during their lifetime.

What about engineered wood flooring?

When people think about reclaimed wood floors, they usually think of solid hardwood flooring. Yet, for those interested in having reclaimed flooring, engineered wood flooring can be made with it too! These floors retain their solid wood cousins' attractiveness but have the flexibility to be used anywhere above or below grade and floating over concrete floors.

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