If you’re looking for hard surfacing for an upcoming renovation, then it’s essential to take into account where you’ll be installing it. Temperature, humidity, and proximity to water are all important elements to factor into your decision, as not just any planks will do for a redesign.

At The Flooring Center, our Orlando, New Smyrna Beach, and Lake Mary, FL showroom experts answer a wide range of questions regarding waterproof flooring. More often than not, however, the most asked question is, which rooms can I install waterproof flooring in? As such, we’ve taken the liberty to come up with this helpful article that addresses this particular query.

The Bathroom
As you can imagine, the bathroom is an ideal place to install these planks, especially if you have kids splish-splashing a mess at bath time. Up until now, you’d mostly see either porcelain or ceramic tiles in such a location, but that’s because there wasn’t really another option that could handle water as well. Luckily, with advanced manufacturing technologies, the industry has produced some phenomenal modern materials, waterproof flooring being one of them.

The Entryway
While you may not think the entryway would see a lot of liquid mishaps, do keep in mind that you’ll want a surfacing in this area that is easy to clean, because it often gets dirty here due to high foot traffic. As such, waterproof flooring makes it simpler to mop the area easily (without having to worry about using too much water), and clean up any annoying messes!

The Kitchen
The kitchen, of course, sees its fair share of messes, spills, and sometimes even cooking disasters! That’s why it makes life a whole lot simpler to add waterproof flooring to this section of the house. Yes, it’s a great way to be able to deal with sudsy dishwashing spills, dropped milk accidents, and food fiascos in general, but it also grants you a means of easy cleanup. Again, there’s no need to worry about using too much water, as with some other hard plank alternatives. Instead, you can focus on the ease of maintaining a clean environment for your family.