Vinyl plank flooring in an Orlando, FL kitchen

Comparing vinyl plank and LVT flooring

The beauty of luxury vinyl flooring is that manufacturers can make it look pretty much like anything they want. And so, when the question comes up, “what is the difference between a vinyl plank and vinyl tile flooring,” the real answer is that the difference is simply a matter of appearance.

The same stuff

Luxury vinyl flooring is made from the same materials, whether you are looking at plank flooring (LVP) or tile flooring (LVT). That means that both are waterproof, both are resistant to wear, and both can be installed pretty much anywhere in your home. They also are constructed with similar interlocking structures, making them a tight floor that can be laid either as a floating floor or as a permanent, glue-down flooring. Structurally, there is no difference.

Varying appearances

Vinyl plank flooring is designed to give the look and appearance of a hardwood floor. The patterns designed into the vinyl as well as their texture emulates a variety of wood types and widths, creating a very convincing hardwood look for your home. In contrast, vinyl tile flooring is designed to look like tile, brick, or stone. Thus, rather than being constructed in narrow planks, these materials are constructed in the shape of square tiles with grout lines between them. And once again, they are textured to give a very convincing tile or stone appearance.

Preference: the real question

The real question is a matter of preference. What do you like to look at? What kind of mood or style are you trying to create in your home? What patterns appeal to you? Would you rather the look of hardwood in your den or tile? The picture the flooring creates in your room may vary, but the quality construction of the materials and its waterproof benefits are the same whichever product you choose.

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