Waterproof kitchen flooring in an Orlando, FL home

Comparing waterproof laminate and waterproof vinyl plank

Waterproof laminate doesn’t work in the same way as waterproof flooring but it does offer a higher level of water resistance than typical laminate. The design has a special backing that keeps liquid from seeping into the material, thus eliminating the challenges of staining, swelling, or buckling. It absorbs water but doesn't let it soak through. Waterproof vinyl plank doesn’t absorb it at all. Liquid sits at the top waiting to be wiped off.

Cores are key

Laminate is a layered product with the core is pressed wood. Cores are critical in anything of a waterproof nature. If they peel or ripple, it can create havoc with the subfloor.

Wood can be damaged by excess water. Laminate is layered, so when it’s the waterproof version, the backing keeps the moisture from going into the core and onto baseboards and subfloors.

While vinyl plank is also layered, the core is either the typical vinyl composite (with resins) or an advanced wood plastic or stone plastic composite.

When laminate, whether or not it's the waterproof or another version, is installed correctly it becomes almost waterproof. Boards must be very close and tightly placed together. Joint expansions and caulking should be used when necessary.

Both have many design options

They're affordable, too. Laminate and vinyl plank are realistic mimics of wood, tile, and stone with a wide assortment of colors, patterns, and designs.

Images are taken with 3D photography, so they are clear, showing every knot, raised grain and veining and color variation. Features such as embossing give added depth, dimension and textured appearances, such as wire brushed, hand scraped, weathered and distressed.

Vinyl plank is a cut option of luxury vinyl flooring (LVF). They are often associated with hardwood since they mimic the wood boards. Some people, however, also use it for stone looks. LVF can also be cut into square tiles (LVT), which is also waterproof.

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