One of the most incredible benefits of wood floors is that they add value to your property, and you’ll see it in three ways. First, you’ll recoup 80% to 90% of the cost, as reflected in your home value. A home that was $200K could become more than $216K after installation. Second, if you plan to sell, we’re told by real estate sales associates that people often pay 2.5% over the asking price for a home with hardwood flooring. The third is that wood flooring increases the visual appeal, so the homes sell faster. That goes for engineered wood flooring as well.

These floors are cost-effective

When you look at the overall picture, you will see that these floors are very profitable. Aside from the value they add, wood floors are classic and never go out of style, lasting for decades. Unless there is structural damage, there’s no need to replace them because sanding and refinishing, whether solid or engineered, will bring them back to their original beauty.

It’s all about style

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention this. Wood floors add a rich elegance to any home, with gorgeous undertones that can be accented and highlighted with coordinating upholstery, accessories, and even artwork and views. Knots, grains, and swirls all add character, and the floors often look better with age. Since the engineered top layer, called the veneer layer, is composed of your species-of-choice, you’ll have the same look and effect. That wood's difference is in construction, and it’s all underneath.

Easy care

The floors might be glamorous, but they aren’t high maintenance. However, solid can become damaged by excess water, so wipe spills immediately and strategically put mats at the entryway and in front of sinks. Vacuum frequently without beater bars or dust mop daily with a soft brush, and use protective furniture pads to avoid scratching. Engineered wood fares better in handling water and needs no acclimation because it won’t shrink or contract to adjust to the weather. It also offers an additional installation technique, the floating floor, click, mat and hover.

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