When finding the perfect wood flooring in Orlando, FL, confident choices will affect your outcome more than others. Site-finished and prefinished materials are choices that can affect the development and performance of your remodel for many years.

If you've never experienced hardwood flooring in your home, this is a great time to learn more about your choices as you move forward. Consider these facts to help you in your product search.

What is site-finished hardwood?

Site-finished hardwood means the boards start raw, with no sanding, stain, or finish, before installation. This choice means your hardwood flooring installation will take longer, but you'll have extensive options in stain colors and finish types.

What is prefinished hardwood?

Prefinished materials come directly from the factory, already sanded, stained, finished, and sealed. Choosing these materials speeds up the installation process but limits your choices in stain color and finish.

Which is best for your home?

It's not hard to determine whether site- or prefinished materials are best for your home. But first, take inventory of your specific requirements and compare them to find out which one matches the best.

If you can’t afford a lengthy installation for your wood floors, prefinished will work best for your household. However, site-finished choices will be your best option if you need more stain color choices to match specific visuals.

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