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Investing in Karastan Carpet

When you’re looking for a true high-quality carpet, you might first think about Persian or Oriental rugs, which are often so highly sought-after. However, Karastan carpet offers excellent quality that’s known to be well worth the time to research it. In fact, Karastan’s are still in existence from the 1930s, and still in great condition. This is simply a precursor to the fact that these rugs have an excellent lifespan. Just as they have lasted that long for others, they are just as likely to last as long for you as well, especially with proper care and maintenance.

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Facts About Karastan Carpet
Karastan carpet is American made, having first been manufactured in 1925 by the Mohawk Company. The “Mystery rug” made an appearance at the 1933 Chicago World Fair, where it was walked on by roughly five million people. Afterward, the rug was cleaned to show how well it recovered from such abuse.

Karastan can be cleaned just as easily today. Manufactured from wool that is naturally resistant to dirt, even spills can be blotted up easily. For darker spills, simply add a bit of water, and blot once more, and the possibility of stains is greatly reduced. It’s also a highly durable rug, thanks to the special technology in the weaving process. A naturally existing crimp even helps to withstand the possibility of crushing.

Most carpets are not usually considered healthy, but Karastan carpet proudly carried that label. They are not allergenic, and can even inhibit the growth cycle of dust mites. There are no harmful emissions, it is flame retardant, and does not accumulate static.