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Karastan Carpet: Fiber Choices

Karastan carpets have a long history of quality and excellence that stretches back into the early part of the last century. They have been constant innovators in the carpet world from day one, and they continue that tradition today. Nobody is questioning whether they are good carpets or not. No, the main questions we tend to get about Karastan are usually about which fibers are available.
Many people think that carpet is carpet, and leave it at that. However, there is a lot to consider when it comes to the fiber used in your carpet, and you will have to live with the choices you make for a long time once the carpet is installed!
So, in an effort to help you make the best choice for you and your home, we put together this quick guide to the most popular Karastan fiber options we offer. Here's what you need to know:
Sure, it makes a great sweater, but did you know that wool is also one of the oldest, most reliable carpet fibers out there? Wool is naturally water repellent, and the fiber has a corkscrew shape. These two qualities combine to make an incredibly easy-to-maintain carpet, because the wet stains stay on the surface and the dirt gets trapped in the curls of the fiber, until it can be safely cleaned. The curls also swell when given a wet clean, which causes them to release the dirt they have trapped more effectively.
In addition to easy maintenance, wool offers a number of other considerable advantages when compared to other fibers. It is an excellent thermal and sonic insulator, which means your house will be quieter and you'll spend less money on heating and cooling. It's also extremely durable and crush-resistant. this long service life adds up to money saved for you, as you won't be replacing your flooring as often.
SmartStrand™ Fiber
This is another incredible fiber that is recognized across the board as the softest carpeting material out there. In addition to this supreme comfort, this fiber also has built-in stain and grime-fighting qualities that never fade. Seriously, they never fade. You never have to reapply harmful chemicals to maintain the quality of SmartStrand™ stain-fighting properties. In fact, harsh chemicals don't even come into play at all.
This is the perfect carpet for homes where pets and rambunctious children pose a threat to the well-being of your carpets. It's literally strong enough to hold up to two weeks in a rhino enclosure, and come out looking like new once washed. Your kids and dog are no match for that!
Would you Like to Learn More About What Karastan Carpets Can Do for You?
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We'd love nothing more than to help you find the best flooring fit for your home's decor and budget!