Karastan, founded in the 1920s, is well-known for premium quality carpeting that showcases innovative designs. Sophisticated styles range from traditional to trendy. Machine-made Karastan rugs, which have a handmade look, are noteworthy too. The Flooring Center Orlando offers a wide selection of Made in the USA Karastan carpet and rugs. We bring the best flooring brands to residents of Orlando, Fairview Shores, Winter Park, and Eatonville, Florida.

Kirman rug collection

The Kirman rug collection is a timeless classic that was first created in 1937. The intricately designed and multicolored rugs mimic traditional Oriental rugs. Designs are created with 50 individually-dyed colors. The heirloom-quality rugs are made on a machine, however, they offer the look, feel, and quality of conventional loom-made rugs.

Carpet fibers

While some Karastan carpeting is made of synthetic fibers, especially durable and resilient nylon, standout brands are made of wool. Karastan is the largest processor of wool in the United States. Worsted wool carpeting is particularly strong and durable. This natural fiber is sourced from New Zealand, which is known for its superior quality wool.

Carpet colors

The company’s Casual, Modern, and Traditional Collections present a wide spectrum of colors. Bright and bold shades mingle with muted and neutral tones in the Karastan catalog. There is an array of different hues for all available Karastan carpet colors. The multitude of obtainable patterns ranges from animal prints to checkered designs.


The padding absorbs the impact of foot traffic, and therefore, it contributes to the durability of the carpet. Karastep, Karastan's premium padding, makes the carpet soft and comfortable to walk on. Karastep Prima Cushion, which includes visco-elastic memory foam, is the most popular option. The foam conforms to footsteps and then returns to its natural shape.

Your local Orlando Karastan dealer

Stop by family-owned The Flooring Center Orlando in Orlando, Florida, to browse through samples of Karastan carpet. We have installed many floor coverings since we opened our doors in 1985. Design consultation and carpet cleaning are additional services. If it’s not convenient to come to our showroom, we can bring the showroom to you with our shop at home service. Start your Karastan carpet upgrade by requesting a free video chat consultation with our online form.