The 411 on wood look tile flooring

The 411 on wood look tile flooring

Wood-look floor tile adds warmth, sophistication, and style to any room. It's classic and offers the character of genuine wood with the durability and quality of tile.

Back to basics: How wood-look tiles are made

Intricate patterns are created either on porcelain or ceramic tile. This is done through a technology called Inkjet.

This looks like wood with textures, knots, raised grains, chevron, and herringbone patterns. There is a wide range of colors, including the high-trending variation.

There's something for everyone and every decor, from rustic to contemporary. You can get pine, maple, mahogany, and reclaimed barn wood.

Come into our tile store to learn more. Wood-look tiles will be trending for a long time.

Stone looks: an affordable, durable option

Again, thanks to Inkjet, manufacturers can recreate all the features found in natural stone. This includes veinings, blemishes, and tonal variations.

Stone looks will give you exceptional durability, low maintenance, and other characteristics of tiles. It's all at a more affordable price.

Encaustic-look styles

Decorative tiles are trending this year. Genuine encaustic tiles are hand-crafted.

Patterns and colors are made with different shades of clay, not glaze. So, as you can imagine, they are very pricey.

Visit our tile shop to see unlimited options. Encaustics looks are the affordable, realistic alternative.

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