It would be great if we could just put whatever type of flooring we wanted in whichever room we please, but, sadly, it just doesn't work that way. Sometimes limitations like sub-floor type and moisture issues require us to rethink our plans, whether we want to or not. Luckily, there are solutions, especially when it comes to waterproof flooring.

If your big concern is how to get the look you want in a place where moisture is a concern, luxury vinyl is the waterproof flooring you need. That's a pretty bold statement to make, but we are comfortable making it. Here's why.

Luxury vinyl flooring is completely waterproof

Some flooring materials, like engineered hardwood flooring, are often recommended for applications in rooms where moisture is an issue. While these floors are often water resistant, they are not, technically, waterproof flooring.

Luxury vinyl flooring, however, has no organic product in its makeup, so you never have to worry about warping, cupping, or other physical damage that other floors can experience with exposure to moisture.

Luxury vinyl flooring
is durable

Thanks to the engineered nature of its construction, luxury vinyl flooring is extremely tough. It has been designed from the ground up to be long-lasting and durable, even under extreme wear conditions. In fact, these floors can last as long as 25-30 years!

Luxury vinyl flooring is economical

Moisture isn't the only thing that can keep you from having the look of hardwood in a given space, cost is also a factor. One of the biggest draws of luxury vinyl flooring for people looking for good waterproof flooring is the price.

Luxury vinyl can mimic the look of any non-waterproof flooring material, and it can do it at a fraction of the price. You get the look you want at a price that frees up funds for other aspects of your remodeling project. It's a win-win situation!

Are you looking for waterproof flooring for your home?

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