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What is waterproof flooring WPC & how does it work?

Waterproof WPC (sometimes just referred to as WPC Vinyl) is the latest generation of luxury vinyl flooring (LVF), and it’s a force to be reckoned with!

It’s basically the same luxury vinyl: a layered product, with the two top layers being a photographic image and a clear, protective wear layer. The core, however, is what’s different. Instead of usual traditional core, this one has a WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) one that makes the flooring thicker, tougher, and not just waterproof, but also moisture resistant.

That’s a huge benefit to Floridians who experience tropical storms and lots of heat and humidity.

We tend to always think literally of water and floods as the most damaging, but moisture also affects the house in major ways. It creates mold and mildew problems, backed up toilets, and clogged water pipes and HVAC units. It even gets into walls, developing little pockets of moisture that cause flaking.

No worries if the flooring is waterproof with a WPC core.

Form + function

You’ll have all the visual appeal and affordable luxury of LVF.  LVF is an amazing simulation of wood, tile or stone with a large assortment of species, colors, patterns and designs.  To make it even more realistic, it can be cut into planks or tiles, with special features like texturing to give it depth. 

You can get all the hottest trends, such as light gray or white-washed wood floors, as well as wide planks. Create a unique design by mixing and matching colorful vinyl tiles or design a rustic, castle or Italian palazzo look with stone.

We’ve already established exceptional durability, but luxury vinyl is one of the most recommended flooring types for kids, and if it has a WPC core, it will be super waterproof that stops dampness. 

We know how those little fingers can drop things!

Installation is a snap, literally, because the pieces just click and lock.  Since it can be placed over most anything, there’s not much, if any, need for sub-floor preparation..

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