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Add a Generous Dose of Drama with Dark Luxury Vinyl

At The Flooring Center showrooms in New Smyrna Beach and Lake Mary, FL, our showroom professionals answer a wide range of questions pertaining to color choices. While the vast majority of homeowners opt for neutral tones, there are indeed a handful of folks who are interested in how they can add some drama to their home redesign or makeover. Without a doubt, the most effective way to inject some bold pizzazz is with color, the darker...the better! As such, in this article, we’ll address how you can completely transform your home with dark planks, specifically luxury vinyl.

The “Wow” Effect
When people ask how they can add something dramatic to a room, they’re usually looking for something completely out of the box with a high degree of “Wow Effect.” In truth, this kind of transformation is quite exciting, as not many homeowners want to walk on the wild side of interior design. Regardless of the reason, you can make a true statement by opting for dark planks (the darker, the better) of luxury vinyl.

Tones That Transcend Time
When you walk into a home that’s been standing for generations with untouched flooring, you often notice one very obvious thing: The dark color of flooring slats. Of course, decades and decades ago, luxury vinyl didn’t exist. But now, with the advent of technology in the manufacturing industry, we now have so many more surfacing choices to choose from. Having said that, if you’re looking for a color that’s truly timeless, dark slats are truly where it’s at!

Match Your Style – Retro or Modern
Are you worried that those sleek, dark colored luxury vinyl planks won’t match your décor, furnishings, or overall style? Well, another wonderful thing about luxury vinyl is its ability to blend in perfectly with varying design styles. From retro to modern, minimalist to beach house, you’ll be able to easily match your style preference to dark slats, no problem! You see, dark colors aren’t something that’s dated, or selectively associated with a particular type of design. Instead, you can pair it with any style whatsoever! Now that’s truly unique, for sure!