Waterproof flooring installation in an Orlando, FL kitchen

Can flooring truly be waterproof?

Some synthetic flooring materials are designed not only to resist scratches and stains but also to repel water. Likewise, some natural flooring materials are modified to repel water. In general, floors that are not waterproof are water-resistant. This means that water will pool on the surface, where it is easy to clean up, rather than soaking into the flooring and causing damage. The Flooring Center Orlando offers a large assortment of water-resistant and waterproof flooring. In addition, our flooring stores in Orlando, FL, are complemented by our mobile showroom.

Tile flooring

Porcelain tile is naturally waterproof. Choose this fine kaolin clay-based tile and take good care of your floor, and you'll never need to replace it. Porcelain tile is the most durable type of tile available. Colorful designs are the norm, and stone look and wood-look designs are plentiful. Ceramic tile is composed of coarse clay. This more budget-friendly tile is porous, so only glazed ceramic is waterproof. Unfortunately, most stones are also porous. Therefore, stone floors must be sealed to repel water.

Manufactured planks and tiles

Laminate flooring, which mimics wood, stone, and ceramic flooring, comes in standard and waterproof styles. Waterproof laminate can repel water for about one day. If the floor remains wet for a more extended period, it may become damaged. On the other hand, waterproof vinyl flooring can repel water for long periods without warping or shrinking. Luxury vinyl planks and tiles are pretty versatile. This manufactured flooring can be installed in any area of the home.

Along with high-quality flooring, family-owned The Flooring Center Orlando offers residential and commercial installation, design consultation, and area rug binding. Our service area in central Florida includes Fairview Shores, Winter Park, Eatonville, and Orlando. It's easy to get assistance with your waterproof flooring upgrade. You can send a message to our online chat service, schedule an appointment for our shop at home service, or stop by our showrooms.