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Can I Change the Color of My Hardwood Floors?

It may surprise you to learn that you can change the color of your wood floors.

Although they last for decades, there will be times when you need to give them a little extra TLC, such as getting a hardwood refinishing, but it isn’t always about repair.

When you sand your floors, you can stain them light or dark. In fact, I did it; I decided I wanted blond floors, so my dark brown ones became a gorgeous golden light-tone.

Of course, this does depend upon if they qualify for refinishing. First, if there’s structural damage, such as termite infestation, they may not be salvageable. Second, while solid can be refinished five or six times, engineered hardwood depends upon the thickness of the top layer; sometimes it’s three, sometimes less.

The Flooring Center has a large inventory of various flooring types. We also have a big service offering, and refinishing is one of them!

But every day our flooring pros hear questions, so here are some answers to the most commonly asked ones:

What if My Hardwood Floors Get Wet?
Florida can get pretty stormy and humid. Or, you worry about an appliance flood or burst pipe.

If this happens, the first thing to know is “DO NOT PANIC”, but also know that the first 24 hours can be the most important. Water will damage wood, whether it’s warping or buckling, so wipe it up immediately, and then try to dry it by using fans or dehumidifiers.

Professional help is also critical, so make that call immediately. Something may look dry to you, but there can be hidden puddles under boards or elsewhere. The pro will check all of this out, and then you may also consider sanding and re-staining.

Does it Really Add Value to My House?
We hear this a lot.

Yes, real estate sales associates tell us that people would pay more, sometimes up to 20 percent over asking, for a home with wood floors.

That brings us to the second part of this question: yes! Engineered is real wood; only the construction is different. It would add the same value to your home as solid hardwood and, in fact, real estate professionals are legally allowed to market them as “wood floors” in their marketing materials.

If you still have questions, feel free to come into The Flooring Center showrooms. We have four in total: Two in Orlando, plus one in New Smyrna Beach, and another one in Lake Mary, FL.