Hardwood flooring in Orlando, FL from The Flooring Center Orlando

Do hardwood floors add home value?

When you choose hardwood flooring, you do more than enhance the room decor. You also increase the number of homebuyers who give your home a 'second look' if you decide to sell it. 

Hardwood flooring is a winner in resale

Since hardwood is such a popular floor covering, you can count on homebuyer interest when 'wood floors' appear in a real estate listing. And what's more, many of these homebuyers are willing to pay a premium price to get it. The Flooring Center Orlando offers high-quality hardwood flooring that takes your home to the next level. 


The National Wood Flooring Association reports that real estate agents claim the following about houses that include hardwood flooring:

● 99-percent say homes are easier to sell. 

● 90-percent say homes sell for more money.

● 82-percent say homes sell faster.


Homebuyer surveys confirm real estate agents' claims. 

● For example, a National Association of Home Builders survey found that hardwood flooring is in the 'top ten' on homebuyers' 'wish lists.' 

● According to Professional Builder, a housing and light construction trade publication and website, the return on investment, or ROI, for installing wood floors in your home ranges from 70 to 80 percent. Further, it's possible to add up to 2.5 percent to the sale price.

Engineered wood

Engineered wood flooring is less costly than hardwood, but it looks the same in your home. That's because a layer of hardwood is attached to a base layer of plywood. However, engineered wood may be preferable for your application because it tolerates moisture. In addition, floating floor installation is the norm, so attachment to a wood subfloor is unnecessary. 

Hardwood flooring is our specialty

Family-owned The Flooring Center Orlando, founded in 1985, installs unfinished and finished hardwood and engineered wood flooring. We invite folks in Orlando, Fairview Shores, Winter Park, and Eatonville, FL, to visit our showroom in Orlando to view the latest hardwood flooring styles.