Does luxury vinyl flooring offer an easy installation?

Does luxury vinyl flooring offer an easy installation?

There are many reasons you’d want luxury vinyl flooring in your house–from the high end style to waterproof capabilities and durability.

One big advantage is that it can be installed via the floating floor technique.  Read on as we explain how this benefits you.

But first, let’s explain the floating floor

Luxury vinyl comes in two forms:  planks and square, tile-sized pieces.  The pieces click to mat and hover over the subfloor without adhesives.

Subfloors only need to be clean, dry and level.

How it benefits you

First, it’s fast and easy. That translates to a less expensive installation.

You can also pick up the vinyl plank flooring or tile-sized pieces to easily move them. When glued, flooring usually becomes damaged.  With this, you don’t need to buy a whole new floor.

But still, hire a professional

When installed properly, luxury vinyl can last over 25 years. A professional knows when and how to  enhance.

He or she also has the skills and expertise to head off problems; if  they occur anyway, they can be handled quickly and efficiently.

Protect your investment!  You’ll see gorgeous designs from top brands like Pergo Extreme and LuxeCraft at our showroom. Be sure to come in when you are shopping for vinyl flooring in Orlando, FL.

Oh! There’s another way to save money.

Most warranties have very specific instructions as to how to install.  When not followed, all protections can be lost.

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