Easy ways to make your kitchen floor  special with tile

Easy ways to make your kitchen floor special with tile

These days there are so many tile designs, styles, shapes, and sizes, many of which can be mixed and matched, that your imagination only limits you. However, one important thing to remember is that there are many types of tile, and they all have different characteristics that make some better for specific installations than others. For instance, don't use a wall ceramic, which is thinner, not meant to handle the weight, and often more slippery if you want a floor tile.

Wood-look tile

If you’ve ever longed for gray wood flooring in your farmhouse-style kitchen, our tile shop needs to show you this because it combines the beauty of wood with the function and waterproofing of tile. Thanks to a technology called Inkjet, intricate patterns, such as wood-raised grains, are possible. This tile flooring comes in all colors, including the trending mixed variation, and the tiles can be cut into planks of any size. Often used is porcelain, a type of ceramic made from non-porous clay with sand and glass and is heavier, denser, and ideal for heavily trafficked floors in busy rooms like the kitchen.

Stone looks

Walk into any tile store, and you'll see that porcelain can be made to look like anything, including stone, concrete, and fabric. You can have a stunning quartz floor or the elegance of a European castle with travertine. Other stones include granite, slate, limestone, terrazzo, and more. Many prefer porcelain for stone looks, as they feel the large format, fewer seams give it a more continuous look like that of quarried slabs. Stone looks are especially great for rustic or industrial-style kitchens.

Come into The Flooring Center showroom in Orlando, FL., where our professionals will get your creative juices flowing. They will show you encaustic styles, filigree, chevron, herringbone, and colorful geometric patterns or concrete tiles, all of which can be used for tile flooring. We service Fairview Shores, Winter Park, and Eatonville and also provide free quotes.