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Is it easy to clean luxury vinyl?

Water resistant and highly durable, luxury vinyl flooring is remarkably easy to maintain, clean, and keep its appearance like-new. To get you on the right path, The Flooring Center showroom professionals in Orlando, New Smyrna Beach and Lake Mary, FL, have come up with the following basic steps to maintaining your flooring, as well as some advice on how to prevent any damage to your hard surfacing.

Basic steps to maintaining luxury vinyl floors
Not only are your luxury vinyl floors incredibly lovely, but they’re also water resistant and highly durable. With such hard-wearing materials in your home, there are very few maintenance and care steps needed to ensure your floors look stunning for decades to come.

When cleaning loose dirt from your hard surfacing, make sure to use a bristly broom that is soft, so as not to scratch the superficial coating. Should you need to wash the floors, use a damp microfiber mop and cleaning product that is non-abrasive.

Manufactured with busy everyday family life in mind, luxury vinyl was created with high resistance levels for water, sun, and heat. Nonetheless, you can further extend the life of your flooring by sticking to the following advice for maintenance and regular care:

Prevent damage to your floors with our advice
•Clean liquid spills instantly.
•Use a cleaning product that is non-abrasive to wash the luxury vinyl.
•When moving furniture or heavy objects across a room, never drag, pull, or push the items. Instead, it’s essential to lift them and carry them to their new position.
•Floor protectors are suggested for items that are heavy and seldom moved, like appliances and furniture.
•Do not use a beater bar when vacuuming.

Extra protection is always a good idea
It’s always a good idea to invest in extra protection for your flooring, in the form of high-quality mats. Place them at every entry point to your home. That way, when a visitor enters your place, the grit, oil, sand, and dirt that is attached to the bottom of their shoes won’t make it onto your new luxury vinyl floors.