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Is there a difference between tile and plank luxury vinyl flooring?

Tile and plank luxury vinyl are composed of the same materials, but there are some differences between the two floor coverings. 

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All vinyl plank flooring mimics hardwood flooring, while luxury vinyl tile imitates wood, stone, and ceramic flooring. Granite, slate, marble, and travertine are a few popular stones, and oak, maple, hickory, and ash are favored wood species. 

In addition, homeowners who like a wood look often choose tile rather than planks because tile works well with trendy floor layout patterns.

Installation method

Most vinyl plank flooring is designed for floating floor installation, while tiles are more likely to be made for glue-down installation. 

Floating floor brands click and lock together, so the floor supports itself over a subfloor or existing floor rather than being attached to it. This quite versatile floor covering can even be installed in moisture-prone basements.

Wear layer

Luxury vinyl flooring is composed of several layers, and it's the surface layer, or wear layer, that determines how long your floor will last. 

So, whether you favor tile or plank flooring, it's wise to choose a brand that features a 20-mil wear layer. Then your floor will be well-protected from stains and abrasion, easy to clean, and likely to last 25 years or more. 

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