luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl: Elegance of wood without water concerns

Do you yearn for wood floors in, say, your bathroom? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate luxury?

While you can’t have genuine wood in this very wet and often steamy room, you can have an amazing wood-look with vinyl flooring that is not only completely impervious to water, but also highly durable.

It’s not the vinyl you may remember from the 1970s, when the flooring material was first introduced to America. Although it did have some impressive characteristics of durability then, it was somewhat limited when it came to design, and the images were flat.

Modern technology, however, has caused it to evolve into a luxury product, at an affordable cost. You can have a realistic look of wood, tile, or stone. Texturing features are available to give it a wire-brushed, hand scraped, or distressed appearance, which does away with that flat image. Your choice: You can get it in sheet or cut into planks and tile-sizes and, by the way, when it’s cut, those seams make it even more realistic.

It comes in an assortment of species, colors, patterns, and designs for a high-end look of luxury.
Advantages of luxury vinyl
The flooring material is:

●Ultra-durable. The vinyl product is layered, with the top one being a clear wear sheet that protects against scratches and dents. It stands up against normal wear and tear, making it virtually impossible to “walk-off” the image. That same wear layer is what also makes it waterproof.
●Comfortable. Vinyl tends to be softer and more flexible than most hard surfaces, but luxury often comes with an underlayment that provides, even more, cushioning, making it ideal for rooms where you might stand for longer periods of time, such as the kitchen
●Easy to install. This is DIY-friendly. It is a floating installation, which means that, with a few exceptions, it can be placed directly over other flooring. The installation method is glue-down or click-and-lock.
●Easy care: Just sweep, vacuum, and run a mop over it.
●Affordable: Although it has the look of a lot of products, it doesn’t come with any hefty price-tags.
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