Hardwood flooring installation in an Orlando, FL home

The difference between solid & engineered wood flooring

Hardwood flooring, whether solid or engineered, is available in domestic and exotic wood species. Most often, homeowners choose oak flooring. White and red oak planks come in many different shades. In addition, light-colored woods, like ash and maple, and dark-colored woods, such as walnut and mahogany, are trendy. You can find a wide variety of the latest hardwood flooring styles at The Flooring Center Orlando, a wood flooring supplier in Orlando.

Engineered wood flooring

Engineered hardwood can be installed in more areas of the home than solid hardwood. That's due to its composition and method of installation. The surface layer of hardwood tops a base composed of layers of plywood that are positioned in different directions. This plywood base tolerates moisture, and thus, the flooring can be installed in moisture-prone areas like basements. Since planks are designed to click and lock together, an engineered wood floor floats above the subfloor. Of course, a floor can be installed over some existing hard surface flooring, too.

Solid hardwood flooring

In contrast, traditional solid hardwood planks are nailed to a wood subfloor. The installation team can install prefinished hardwood flooring in one day. An unfinished hardwood floor, which is sanded, stained, and sealed in the home, takes up to one week to install. An additional week may be needed for acclimation. The former has a beveled look, while the latter has a flush look. Unfinished solid wood is ideal for a kitchen installation since the floor is well-sealed. All wood flooring, solid and engineered, can be refinished when it becomes worn.

Here for all your wood floor needs

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