Tips For Dealing With The Humidity & Moisture In Florida.

Today’s interior design concepts are trending toward the installation of hardwood floors in the home. They have become a significant part of the flooring choices, adding beauty, sophistication, and value to any home. Hardwood floors are a lifetime investment which can always be restored to a like-new condition.
Having a hardwood floor in Florida comes with some unique challenges. Florida is surrounded on three sides by water, and its interior is dotted with lakes, swamps and ponds. Florida humidity and moisture can take its toll on hardwood floors. Because of this, heightened awareness is required to make sure your hardwood floors stay in pristine condition.
Below is a list of things we highly recommend you do to prevent humidity and excess moisture from damaging your hardwood floor:
  • When leaving your home for extended periods, always leave your air conditioner thermometer on around 80 degrees to prevent increased moisture from infiltrating your home.
  • Check your air conditioner drain line monthly for algae accumulation, which can clog the line, sending water onto the floor. Pouring Clorox in the line monthly will inhibit algae from growing.
  • Periodically check washing machine hoses and ice maker lines for weakness and leaks. Water from leaks in kitchens and laundry rooms can seep under walls and damage hardwood floors in nearby rooms.
  • Make sure the exterior doors of the rooms in which you have hardwood floors have sealed thresholds to prevent blowing rain from seeping under and damaging the floor.
  • Sprinklers bordering the home should be directed away from the house.
  • Don’t use water to clean your hardwood floor. Use only the manufacturer’s approved cleaning product.
  • Prior to installation of a new wood floor, have your installer conduct a moisture test on the subfloor.
Be proactive with the above suggestions and you will not only keep your insurance company at bay, but you’ll have a lifetime of enjoyment from your warmly elegant wood floor.