Our customers expect perfection and professionalism in all that we do and having a family striving to accomplish their goals gives us an advantage over the competition in exceeding them. I continually hear parents talk about how much they miss their children who live out of state and how excited they are to see them a couple times a year. The greatest part of owning a family business is knowing that I get to see two of my three sons almost everyday. Nothing to me could be better! I also have the opportunity to work with my brother as a 28 year partner and his daughter here too. The greatest part of our family business is knowing that we all have each other’s best interest and that of our customers at hand. There is true comfort in knowing that all the Rusnaks are motivated not just by their own interests, but those of their family members as well. You consider our group, and that most of our co-workers have been with us for almost 28 of our years and it’s easy to understand the success that The Flooring Center has achieved.
— Dave Rusnak (Owner)