Luxury vinyl flooring in an Orlando, FL home

Why is luxury vinyl flooring so popular?

Good looks and great functionality put luxury vinyl flooring on the top of many homeowners' must-have lists. This easy-to-clean floor covering resists stains and scratches, scuffs, and general wear from daily activities. Waterproof styles are abundant. Installation is never a chore, regardless of where you choose to install the planks and tiles. The Flooring Center Orlando offers a large selection of luxury vinyl plank in Orlando, Florida, and we have a wide variety of luxury vinyl tile brands, too. Companies like Karastan and Mohawk make these brands.

Styles available in luxury vinyl flooring

Vinyl planks bring 'wood' into moisture-prone spaces. Therefore, an open-floor living space or a master bedroom can seamlessly look. Textured styles feel and look like natural wood. Texturing, created with embossing techniques, is random unless you choose an Embossed in Register style. EIR planks feature embossing that is aligned with the wood grain pattern.

Ease of installation

Most luxury vinyl plank flooring is designed to fit together like a puzzle. Since attachment to a subfloor is unnecessary, a floor can be constructed over a cement slab or existing hard surface floor. Many tile brands are also designed for floating floor installation, while others are fastened to the subfloor with an adhesive. Loose lay luxury vinyl planks and tiles butt together.

Family-owned, The Flooring Center Orlando offers vinyl flooring installation and other services, including design consultation and area rug binding. Our business was established in 1985, and today, that business is found in three locations. We have one showroom in Lake Mary and two showrooms in Orlando. Our convenient shop at home service complements these stores. In addition, we serve an area in Central Florida that includes Fairview Shores, Winter Park, and Eatonville. The Flooring Center Orlando is the place to go for high-quality flooring and related services.